To The Summer Land Of Beauty

To the summer-land of beauty we are going, going, going,
Where the ocean-tide of love is brightly flowing,
Gently through the sunny, sunny vales;
There to wake far away from sorrow,
Every sorrow, every sorrow;
There to hail joy’s eternal morrow
When the toils of earth shall cease,
There to dwell by the crystal river,
Blessed river, blessed river,
With the Lord happy and forever,
When the toils of earth shall cease.

In the summer-land of beauty they are singing, singing, singing,
And the melody that sweetly there is ringing,
Wafted in a vision oft we hear;
Home at last they have gone before us,
Gone before us, gone before us;
Hark the song, listen to the chorus,
“Praise the Lord the King of kings:
Saved by grace; glory! hallelujah!
Hallelujah! hallelujah!
Crowned with love; glory! hallelujah!
Praise the mighty King of kings.”

From the summer-land of beauty they are calling, calling, calling,
And their voices in the dewy night are falling,
Falling on the weary, weary soul;
Look beyond, soon will dawn the morning,
Blissful morning, blissful morning;
Holy light soon the sky adorning
We shall meet with joyful eyes;
We shall meet by the crystal river,
Shining river, shining river;
On its banks meet no more to sever,
Look beyond with joyful eyes.