To The War To The War Loud And Long Soun

TO the war! to the war! loud and long sounds the cry;
To the war! every soldier who fears not to die;
See the millions who’re drifting to Hell’s endless woe,
O who in the name of Jehovah will go?

Fighting on, fighting on;
Fighting on, fighting on;
With the blood and fire
We will never tire,
We’ll fight until the Master calls.

To the war! to the war! who’ll the war cry obey?
‘Tis the great God who calls you to fight while ’tis day;
Though the battle be fierce, and though mighty the foe,
The Salvation Army to victory must go.

To the war! to the war! louder rings out the cry;
Who’ll enlist in this Army all Hell to defy?
All the armour of Heaven our God will bestow,
O who in the might of Jehovah will go?

To the war! to the war! every man to his post;
Go, care for the dying; go, seek for the lost;
Hark! converts are singing, their bright faces glow,
As they joyfully shout: To the war we will go!