To Thee Eternal God Our Fervent Thanks

To Thee, eternal God,
Our fervent thanks we render
For all Thy boundless love
And for Thy mercies tender.
Thy servant Thou hast blessed
Thro’ many fruitful years,
That he may reap in joy
Where he has sown in tears!

Thou hast preserved his health,
His strength has not been waning;
His mind is still alert,
Each day new vision gaining.
Thy hand has shielded him
And kept him free from harm;
In weakness he has leaned
On Thy sustaining arm.

Thou hast vouchsafed to him
Thy Spirit’s gift for preaching
And talents such as he
Most needed in his teaching;
Hast filled his heart with love
For sinners gone astray
And hope for better things,
That ne’er shall pass away.

O God, continue Thou
To send Thy show’rs of blessing
Upon Thy servant true,
That he, Thy grace possessing,
May flourish like a tree
Beside the waters pure
And yield much precious fruit
That shall for aye endure.