To Thee Great Lord My Heavenly King

To thee, great Lord, my heav’nly King,
My pray’r and praise shall be,
My soul shall of thy mercies sing,
Which thou hast shown to me.

From all the dangers of this day,
Thou Lord hast kept me free;
Thou art my only trust and stay,
And thankful I should be.

Now Lord this day is past and gone,
And darkness covers me;
Now I should think on what I’ve done,
And what my case may be.

Have I to thee obedient been,
To serve thee all this day?
Have I this day avoided sin,
Have I not gone astray?

Could I but know how vile I am,
And my transgressions see,
My mercies, Lord, I durst not claim,
Nor lift mine eyes to thee.

How oft in thought, and word and deed
Have I offended thee;
Yet I my Saviour’s merits please,
Which have aton’d for me.

Therefore, O Lord! I pray to thee,
Forgive what I have done,
My gracious Lord will pardon me,
For Jesus’ sake alone.

And now I lay me down to sleep,
To take my needful rest;
I pray the Lord, my life to keep,
As he may think it best.