To Thee Most Holy Lord

To you, most holy Lord,
we sing with hearts and voices;
in you, with one accord,
your church on earth rejoices!
We bend before your throne,
and humbly chant your praise;
we worship you alone,
whose love has crowned our days.

On this, our festal day,
your people here adore you;
we come to sing and pray
and lay our gifts before you.
Your hand has helped us on
through ev’ry passing year;
now, Father, Spirit, Son,
our grateful praises hear!

“Go forth in all the earth,” –
your word to us is given:
“Proclaim salvation’s worth
to people under heaven.”
This holy task, O Lord,
your church must quite fulfill;
to us your grace afford,
and mold us to your will.

Your faithful servants bless
in all earth’s varied places;
your name they all confess
among earth’s many races,
until that day shall come
when multitudes untold
shall find their glorious home
in heav’n’s eternal fold!