To Thee My God And King

To thee, my GOD and King,
Perpetual Praise I’ll sing,
Ev’ry Day I’ll bless thy Name.
High is thy Greatness rais’d,
And worthy to be prais’d,
And thy Glory’s still the same.

Thy Greatness and thy Pow’r
Shall future Times adore,
Of thy Worship I will tell;
above our Knowledge rais’d.
Whilst Men their Songs prepare,
Thy Wonders to declare,
On thy Greatness I will dwell.

Thy Kindness shall be shown,
Thy Righteousness be known,
Songs of Praise shall reach the Skies.
Thy Wrath does slowly move;
But thy forgiving Love
On the Wings of Mercy flies.

Thy Works in thee are bless’d,
Thy Love’s to all express’d,
And thy Saints, with Zeal inspir’d,
Thy Glory shall adore,
And talk of thy great Pow’r,
‘Till by all it is admir’d.

Thus shall thy Works be known,
And thus thy Glory shown,
For thy Splendor still shall last;
Thy Throne from Changes free,
Which doth no Period see,
Shall remain forever fast.

Part II

The LORD helps those that fall,
On him his Creatures call,
Daily Food he doth supply;
Whate’er their Wants require,
He give at their Desire,
Nor doth any Good deny.

He’s just in all his Ways,
Whoe’er devoutly prays,
Him shall find for ever night;
When they his Aid implore,
And humbly him adore,
He will hearken to their Cry.

The LORD will sure protect
Those who his Name respect,
But the Wicked shall destroy;
My Mouth shall speak his Praise,
And let all Mankind raise
One loud Song of gen’ral Joy.