To Thee My Soul Enraptured Sings

To Thee my soul enraptured sings,
O Thou, Immortal King of kings
Enthroned where glory shines;
The garland of the praises sweet,
That I would offer at Thy feet,
My grateful heart entwines.

More rare Thy beauty than the best
By highest heaven or earth possessed;
More radiant than the sun,
The glory shining from Thy face
That fills with light the holy place,
O Thou Immortal One!

Greater Thy might than lord of war,-
Thy vast dominions stretch afar
Beyond a kingly sway;
Thy hand upholds the earth and sea,
And heaven, and all that therein be,
Thy wise decrees obey.

But not by rule of power alone
Are subjects loyal to Thy throne,
Thy love their fealty wins,-
A love that, by its winning grace
Allured our fallen, guilty race
From their rebellious sins.

Lord, by Thy cross that won my soul,
From bondage to benign control,
My every power possess;
That, daily, I my cross may bear,
And find, to serve Thee everywhere,
Is praising Thee the best.

To Thee my soul enraptured sings,
O Thou Immortal King of kings,
But I would join the song,
Of myriad souls in realms of light,
Who praise their King by day and night,
Through all the ages long.

Hymns from the Morningland,