To Thee O Blessed Savior My Spirit

To Thee, O blessed Saviour,
My spirit turns for rest;
My peace is in Thy favour,
My pillow on Thy breast.

In Thee my trust abideth,
On Thee my hope relies,
O Thou whose love provideth
For all beneath the skies.

My grief is in the dulness
With which this sluggish heart
Doth open to the fulness
Of all Thou wouldst impart.

My joy is in Thy beauty
Of holiness divine;
My comfort in thy duty
That binds my life to Thine.

Give me a heart to love Thee
More truly as I ought,
And nothing place above Thee
In deed, or word, or thought.

Oh for that choicest blessing
Of living in Thy love,
And thus on earth possessing
The peace of heaven above!