To Thee O Father Throned On High

To Thee, O Father throned on high,
Our marriage hymn we duly sing;
Knit Thou the sacred bond we tie,
And do Thou bless the wedding ring.
Thy love, at first in Paradise,
It was that made of one flesh twain;
Work Thou, while here our prayers arise,
That sacred mystery again.

To Thee, O Jesus, throned beside
Thy Father’s right hand, here we cry;
True Bridegroom of Thy spotless Bride,
With all Thy human love, draw nigh.
Our human nature, Thy divine
Has wedded, and in Thee, dear Lord,
As Cana’s water turned to wine,
Its lost godlikeness is restored.

O Holy Ghost the Paraclete,
Thee too we worship, God and Lord,
And honor Thee, with praises meet,
One with the Father and the Word.
Lord and Life-giver, hear our prayer,
Come, sanctify, and bless, and guide,
Strengthen, and shelter ‘neath Thy care,
The life of bridegroom and of bride.

O God Triune, Whom heaven’s host
Adores, with sweet and ceaseless song;
O Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
To Whom all worship doth belong;
Hear, in these echoes faint and dim
Of chant and prayer and holy psalm,
Their songs, the heavenly feast who hymn,
The marriage supper of the Lamb.

The Hymnal: revised and enlarged as adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord