To Thee O God I Lift My Soul

To Thee, O God, I lift my soul;
In Thee my trust repose;
O let me not be put to shame,
Nor triumph let my foes.
Yea, Lord, let none that wait on thee,
Be with disgrace oppressed;
But pour contempt upon them all,
Who causeless have transgressed.

Lord, show thy ways, teach me thy paths;
Into thy truth lead me;
For thou art my salvation’s God;
All day I wait on thee.
Remember, Lord, thy tender grace,
Thy kindness manifold;
And let thy mercies freely flow;
They’ve ever been of old.

Remember not my youthful faults,
From riper crimes me free;
In mercy, for thy goodness sake,
O Lord, remember me.
The Lord is merciful, and just,
Instructs the souls that stray:
He’ll guide the meek in righteous paths,
The humble teach his way.

The dealings of the Lord are all
Exceeding kind, and true;
To such as keep his covenant,
And his commandments do.

Second Part

Forgive my sin, for it is great,
O Lord, for thy name’s sake.
The man that fears the Lord, he’ll teach
The way that he should take.
His soul serene shall dwell at ease;
His seed the earth possess.
His secrets God his saints will teach;
And show his covenant grace.

Mine eyes are ever to the Lord;
My feet from snares he’ll free.
Turn to me, for I’m sore distressed;
Have mercy, Lord, on me.
The troubles of my heart are great;
From all my soul retrieve.
View mine affliction, and my pain;
And all my sins forgive.

Observe my foes; they many are,
And cruelly me hate.
O save my soul, free me from shame;
On thee I hopeful wait.
Sincere, and upright, keep my soul;
I wait thy grace to see.
Redeem thine Israel, mighty God,
From all his troubles free.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,