To Thee O God In Songs Of Joy Well Raise

i To thee, O God, in songs of joy we’ll raise
The tuneful voice, and celebrate thy praise;
Thy great, thy wond’rous mercies we’ll proclaim,
And sing the glories of thy holy name.
When comes th’ appointed time to judge the earth,
“I’ll call (says God) my winged council forth,
“And on that solemn, that tremendous day,
“‘Fore them my righteous justice I’ll display.
“And at my presence tho’ this earth dissolve,
“Tho’ dreadful fears her guilty sons involve,
“Yet firm I’ll fix her in her wonted space,
“Strengthen her pillar, and confirm her base.”
Ye senseless fools, how oft have I in vain
Warn’d you, your wretched follies to refrain?
How oft, to leave the fatal road you trod,
Nor take up impious arms against your God?
Say, whence this stiff-neck’d, self-will’d frenzy springs;
Whence this rebellion ‘gainst the king of kings?
On what frail feeble hopes have ye relied,
That thus you raise your crests with haughty pride?
For not the raging north, nor rosy east,
Nor yet the rainy south, or ruddy west,
Can give you wealth, or fix you on a throne:
That sov’reign pow’r pertains to God alone;
‘Tis he that raises from the dust the poor;
‘Tis he brings down the haughty spirit low’r.
For lo! a flowing cup his hand divine
Extends, a cup that glows with purple wine;
Mix’d with a deadly poison is the draught;
‘Fore him earth’s trembling, guilty sons are brought;
Lo! to the wicked is the potion set;
The wicked quaff–perdition is their fate.
By me, all nations, and all ages, hear
The God of Jacob thus his will declare;
“Of impious men, that have my pow’r defied,
“With fearful vengeance I’ll confound the pride;
“The humbly good, that in affliction sigh,
“I’ll crown with bright rewards, and raise them high.”