To Thee O God Of Truth And Love

To thee, O God of truth and love,
My spirit I commit;
Thou hast redeem’d my soul from death,
And sav’d me from the pit.

Despair and comfort, hope and fear
Maintain’d a doubtful strife;
While sorrow, pain, and sin conspir’d
To take away my life.

“My time is in thy hand, I cry’d,
“Though I draw near the dust:”
Thou art the refuge where I hide,
The God in whom I trust.

Oh make thy reconciled face
Upon thy servant shine,
And save me for thy mercy’s sake,
For I’m entirely thine.

‘Twas in my haste, my spirit said,
“I must despair and die,
“I am cut off before thine eyes;
But thou hast heart my cry.

Thy goodness how divinely free!
How sweet thy smiling face,
To those that fear thy majesty,
and trust thy promis’d grace.

Oh love the Lord, all ye his saints,
And sing his praises loud;
He’ll bend his ear to your complaints,
And recompense the proud.