To Thee O God We Raise Our Voice In Chor

To Thee, O God, we raise
Our voice, in choral singing;
We come, with prayer and praise,
Our hearts’ oblations bringing;
Thou art our fathers’ God,
And ever shalt be ours:
Our lips and lives shall laud
Thy name, with all our powers.

Thy goodness, like the dew
On Hermon’s hill descending,
Is every morning new,
And tells of love unending.
We bless Thy tender care
That led our wayward feet,
Past every fatal snare,
To streams and pastures sweet.

We bless Thy Son, who bore
The cross, for sinners dying;
Thy Spirit we adore,
The precious blood applying.
Let work and worship send
their incense unto Thee,
Till song and service blend,
Beside the crystal sea.