To Thee O God We Render Praise From Zion

To thee, O GOD, we render Praise
From Sion, thy blest Seat;
Our promis’d Altars there we’ll raise,
And all our Vows compleat.
O thou, who to my humble Pray’r,
Didst bend thy list’ning Ear;
To thee shall all Mankind repair,
And at thy Throne appear.

Our Sins, tho’ numberless, in vain
To stop thy Mercy try,
Whilst thou forgiv’st the guilty Stain,
And washest out the Dye.
Blest is the Man, who, near thee plac’d,
Within thy Dwelling lives!
Whilst we at humble Distance taste,
The Joy thy Temple gives.

By wond’rous Acts, O GOD most just,
Have we thy Answer found:
In the remotest Nations trust,
And those whom Seas surround.
GOD by His Strength sets fast the Hills,
And does his Pow’r engage,
With which the stormy Waves he stills,
And quells the Peope’s Rage.

Part II

Thou, LORD, dost barb’rous Lands dismay,
When they thy Tokens view;
With Joy they see the Night and Day,
Each others Track pursue.
From out thy unexhausted Store,
Thy Rain refresh the Ground;
Makes Lands, that barren were before,
With Corn and Fruits abound.

On rising Ridges down it pours,
And ev’ry Valley fills;
And in the soft prolific Show’rs,
A bless’d Increase distills.
Thy Goodness does the circling Year,
With smiling Plenty crown;
And where thy glorious Paths appear,
Thy Clouds drop Fatness down.

They drop on barren Forests, chang’d
By them to Pastures green;
The Hills in beauteous Order rang’d,
In Robes of Joy are seen,
Large Flocks the chearful Downs adorn,
The teeming Vallies bring
A plenteous Crop of full-ear’d Corn,
And seem to laugh and sing.