To Thee O God We Render Thanks To Theewi

To Thee, O GOD, we render thanks,
to Thee with praise repair;
For, that thy blessed name is near,
thy wondrous works declare.
When I th’ appointed season take,
which shall the fittest be;
Then judgment done to ev’ry one
in righteousness I’ll see.

The earth would quickly all dissolve,
with all who dwell therein;
But I the tremblihg pillars stay,
and firmly them sustain. (Selah.)
I to the foolish people said,
deal not so foolishly;
And to the wicked and the proud,
lift not the horn on high.

Raise not your horn aloft, as if
ye dared the most High;
But bow your stiff’ned neck, and learn
to speak submissively.
For the promotion which ye seek
comes neither from the east,
Nor from the mountains nor the south,
the desart, nor the west.

But GOD alone is judge supream,
and acts with equity;
His pleasure one man puts below,
and sets another high.
For in JEHOVAH’s sovereign hand,
a mixed cup He hath;
The wine above is sparkling red,
below are dregs are wrath.

From thence He pours to all around,
to each as He does please;
But all the wicked wring the dregs,
and drink the bitter lees.
But I’ll extol, and ever sing
The God of Jacob’s praise:
The wicked’s pow’r I will destroy,
the just to pow’r I’ll raise.