To Thee O God Whose Guiding Hand

To Thee, O God, whose guiding hand
Our fathers led across the sea,
And brought them to this barren shore,
Where they might freely worship Thee-

To Thee, O God, whose arm sustained
Their footsteps in this desert land,
Where sickness lurked, and death assailed
And foes beset on every hand-

To Thee, O God, we lift our eyes,
To Thee our grateful voices raise,
And, kneeling at Thy gracious throne,
Devoutly join in hymns of praise.

Our fathers’ God, incline Thine ear,
And listen to our heartfelt prayer;
Surround us with Thy heavenly grace,
And guard us with Thy constant care.

Our fathers’ God, in Thee we’ll trust,
Sheltered by Thee from every harm;
We’ll follow where Thy hand shall guide,
And lean on Thy sustaining arm.