To Thee O Lord I Send My Cries

I. To Thee, O Lord, I send my Cries:
O! let them rise to heaven.
And let to all my Pray’rs and Sighs
A gracious Ear be given.
O! make thy Word my firm Support:
And grant me Faith so saving,
That I, having
A clean’sd and humble Heart,
May all thy Statutes live in.

II. And Oh, I pray Thee, O my God,
Oh! give me no Denial,
Destroy not with thy wrathful Rod
Me in the fiery Tryal.
Give living Hope when I go hence,
And, with all Resignation,
Of all Self-Confidence
Concerning my Salvation.

III. Grant me a good forgiving Mind
To All that Evil bring me:
Cast all my num’rous Sins behind;
Renew thy Life within me.
Thy Word be my continual food
To keep my Soul from starving,
And from starting
From Thee when SATAN’S Brood
My Ruin is concerting.

IV. Let neither Lust nor Fear prevail
To draw me from my Duty:
By aiding Grace I shall not fail
To walk in Faith and Beauty.
For who has ought but what thou giv’st?
Thy Favour none can merit;
But thy Spirit,
By whom thou all reliev’st,
Can graciously confer it.

V. I fight, Lord JESUS! and withstand,
But, oh, in slipry Places;
Support me with thy mighty Hand,
And thine abundant Graces.
When Sin and SATAN raise their Force,
Let me not be affrighted,
But delighted
To run my Christian Course,
‘Till I’m with Thee united.