To Thee O Lord Jehovah We Hymn Our Grate

To Thee, O Lord Jehovah,
We hymn our grateful praise,
For all Thy lovingkindness,
The wisdom of Thy ways.

Thou dost note the sparrow’s fall,
Thou dost hear us when we call;
Oh, accept our glad thanksgiving
For Thy tender mercies all!
Hearts that know Thy name adore Thee;
Nations fain would bow before Thee-
Crown Thee King of kings!
Proclaim Thee Lord of all!

Blest tokens of Thy mercy
To sinful host appear,
And with Thy matchless goodness
Thou crownest all the year. [Refrain]

For hope of joys eternal,
For pardon through the blood,
And for Thy Holy Spirit,
We thank Thee, O our God. [Refrain]

Ye saints, go tell of Jesus
Till earth triumphant rings,
Till every creature bowing,
Shall praise the King of kings! [Refrain]

Hymnal of the Church of God, (Timeless Truths)