To Thee O Lord My Rock I Cry Oh Do Not

To Thee, O Lord, my rock, I cry,
Oh! do not silent from me keep;
Lest by thy silence, quickly I
Become like those in graves that sleep.
My supplication’s voice, Lord, hear,
When I my griefs, with weeping, tell;
When I lift up my hands, in prayer,
Toward thine holy oracle.

O, let me never have my part,
With wicked men, whose works are vile;
While mischief rages in their heart,
They others, with fair words, beguile.
Give them according to their deeds,
Strictly their bad intents survey;
The work, which from their hands proceeds,
Retort, and their deserts repay,

Since they the works of God do slight,
And wonders of his hand disdain;
Them, with destruction he’ll requite,
And never build them up again.
The Lord be blessed; for he did yield
A gracious answer, when I craved.
The Lord’s my Strength and guarding shield;
In him I trusted, and am saved:

Therefore my Heart with joy abounds.
And songs of praise I’ll to him sing,
The Lord’s his peoples strength; and crowns,
With safety, his anointed king.
Save, Lord, thy church, and them increase,
Thine heritage, with favor, bless;
With plenty feed them, grant them peace,
Still may they triumph with success.

Common Meter:

Save, Lord, thy people, greatly bless
Thine own inheritance;
Them rule, and feed, and o’er their foes,
Them evermore advance.

As th Meter:

O Lord, in mercy, save
The people that are thine,
Thy heritage let have
The blessing that’s divine:
And all their store
In season send, and them defend,
Till time’s no more.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,