To Thee Our Fathers God We Bow

To Thee, our fathers’ God, we bow!
Seal Thou in heav’n the marriage vow,
Made in Thy name and holy fear,
That in Thy grace it prove sincere.

Attend Thou, Lord, their steps thro’ life
Whom Thou in love mad’st man and wife;
Be Thou their honored guest and guide,
That they be blest, whate’er betide.

And Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,
Keep Thou their hearts in Christian love;
Attune their souls to worship Thee,
And Thy sweet peace their comfort be.

O Triune God, to Thee we bow:
Seal Thou in heav’n the marriage vow;
Thy grace sustain Thy servants here,
And may they praise Thee ever there.