To Those Who Fear Jehovahs Name

To those that fear Jehovah’s name
How sweet the word the prophet brings;
The Sun of Righteousness shall rise,
With healing in His wings.

It is to those that fear His name,
His healing pow’r the Saviour brings;
Oh, let us hide with contrite hearts
Beneath His healing wings.

He is the Sun of Righteousness,
And while to sin our spirit clings
We cannot know His healing touch,
Or rest beneath His wings.

It is His wings that heal our pains,
And soothe the serpent’s poisoned stings;
Close to His bosom we must press
To feel His healing wings.

Beneath those healing wings I rest,
While all my heat with rapture sings;
The Sun of Righteousness has ris’n
With healing in His wings.