To Thy Barred And Bolted Door

To thy barred and bolted door,
Gently as a wooing dove,
Jesus comes as oft before,
Pleading in His tender love.

Let Him in; let Him in;
Sinner, why not make Him room?
Let Him in; let Him in;
Lest He never more may come.

Haste and open wide the door,
Banish ev’ry thought of sin;
Why refuse and grieve Him more;
Quickly rise and let Him in. [Refrain]

He a royal feast will spread,
He will bring a boundless store;
Thou shalt taste The Living Bread,
And be blest forevermore. [Refrain]

He is knocking, waiting still;
Why in madness yet delay?
Why refuse His mercy till
He aggrieved shall turn away? [Refrain]