To Thy Cross My Gentle Savior

To thy cross, my gentle Saviour,
Humbly may I ever cling;
Let me dwell secure forever
“Neath the shadow of thy wing.
Fold me to thy faithful bosom
When life’s billows rage and toss;
Grant me merciful protection,
Meekly clinging to the cross.

I am clinging, I am clinging,
Blessed Jesus, to thy cross,
Yes, I am clinging,
I am clinging to thy cross.

To thy cross, oh, loving Saviour,
Lo! my wayward heart I bring;
Aid, oh, aid my weak endeavor–
Take and bless the offering.
From thy ways my feet have wandered–
Shunning gold I sought the dross;
Poor and needy, weak, unworthy,
I am clinging to the cross. [Chorus]

At the cross, forgiving Saviour,
Own and bless thy contrite child;
Thro’ thy great and holy favor
Make me spotless, undefiled.
Then tho’ tempest o’er me gather, and my bark the surges toss,
I shall gain a stormless haven,
Clinging, clinging to the cross. [Chorus]