To Us The Voice Of Wisdom Cries

To us the voice of Wisdom cries,
Hearken, ye children, and be wise;
Better than gold the fruit I bear,
Rubies to me may not compare,

Happy the man who daily waits
To hear me, watching at my gates;
Wretched is he who scorns my voice,
Death and destruction are his choice.

To them that love me I am kind;
And those who seek me early find;
My Son, give me thine heart,–and learn
Wisdom from folly to discern.

The Lord possess’d me, ere of old,
His hand the firmament unroll’d;
Before He bade the mountains stand,
Or pour’d the ocean round the land.

Rejoicing then before his throne,
From everlasting I was known;
Rejoicing still, as in His sight,
With men on earth is my delight.

Mark, the beginning of my law,
–Fear ye the Lord with sacred awe;
Mark the fulfilment of the whole,
Love ye the Lord with all your soul.

We hear, we learn; may we obey;
Jesus, the life, the truth, the way,
Wisdom and righteousness, we see,
Grace and salvation all in Thee.

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