To You To You The Call Rings Out

To you, to you the call rings out,
Go work today, today.
Oh, linger not in fear and doubt,
The Master leads the way.

Go work today, go work today,
To you, to you rings out the call,
Go find your place, and trust His grace,
The Lord hath need of all.

Go forth to sow, go forth to reap,
Whatever God’s command.
He gives to each a charge to keep,
He holds the willing hand. [Refrain]

In desert waste, in whitening field,
His laborers are found.
Where’er He calls, be swift to yield,
Each place is holy ground. [Refrain]

His faithful promise ye have heard,
Let not your faith grow dim,
He calleth you, O blessed word,
Co-laborers with Him. [Refrain]