Traveler On Lifes Great Highway

Trav’ler on life’s great highway,
Striving for earthly dross,
Tho’ you amass a fortune,
Yet it may prove a loss;
Seek first our Father’s Kingdom,
Come to His peaceful fold,
Here you will find a treasure
More to be sought than gold.

Seek first the Kingdom of God,
And His righteousness,
And all these things shall be added
Unto you.

See to it now, my brother,
Be not deceived, I pray,
Shun the broad road of folly,
Enter the narrow way;
Look to your future welfare
While the bright moments roll;
When this brief life is ended,
How then will fare your soul? [Refrain]

Vain are the world’s allurements;
Fleeting the joys of sin;
Fail not to seek God’s Kingdom,
Jesus will let you in;
Then to you shall be added
Riches in earthly store,
All that you need He’ll give you,
How could you wish for more? [Refrain]