Traveling To The Better Land

Trav’ling to the better land,
O’er the desert’s scorching sand,
Father, do Thou hold my hand,
Lead me on.

Lead me, O lead me,
Lead me gently on;
Lead me, Oh, lead me,
Lead me on.

When at Marah, parched with heat,
I the sparkling fountain greet,
Make the bitter waters sweet,
Lead me on. [Refrain]

When the wilderness is drear,
Show me Elim’s palm-groves near,
With its wells as crystal clear,
Lead me on. [Refrain]

Tho’ the water and the fire
This, O Lord, my one desire:
With Thy love my heart inspire,
Lead me on. [Refrain]

When I stand on Jordan’s brink,
Do not let me fear or shrink;
Hold me, Father, lest I sink,
Lead me on. [Refrain]