Treading The Way The Feet Of The Master

Treading the way the feet of the Master have trod before,
Under the cross we’ll journey and not despair,
Easy the yoke, so easy, and light is the burden too,
Bright is the crown eternal the ransom’d wear.

Wearing a crown of eternal, eternal love;
We’ll stand at the feet of the King;
Joining the song of the glorified saints above;
For ever his praises to sing.

What tho’ the path be rough, and temptations around us fall,
Sweetly he smiles and beckons me from above;
He is my guide, and safe in the shadow of his dear wing,
Glad is my soul to tell of his wondrous love. [Refrain]

When at the brink of Jordan’s cold billows my feet shall stand,
He will sustain and comfort ’till life is past;
Safe in his love I’ll enter the valley of shadows dark,
Reaching my home, my beautiful home, at last. [Refrain]