Triple Beam Of Glory

Triple Beam of glory,
Through the darkness poured;
One the Light eternal
In our blessed Lord:
Give us in the morning,
Gladness for the day,–
All our life adorning,
Chase the night away.

Glory of the Father,
Glory of the Son,
Glory of the Spirit,
Blessed Three in One:
Let Thy beams united–
Brighter than the sun,
Lighten men benighted–
Blessed Three in One.

Men in darkness sitting
Scan the eastern skies,–
Glory of the Father,
On their night arise.
Give the morn supernal,
Give the endless day;–
Light of light eternal,
Banish night away.

Hearts are dark with sorrow,
Minds are dull with care,
Clouds of doubt envelop
Mankind everywhere.
Triple Beam of gladness,
Through the ages poured,
Give us joy for sadness,–
Shine upon us, Lord.

Hymns of the Holy Eastern Church,