Triumphant Lord Thy Goodness Reigns

Triumphant Lord, thy goodness reigns
Through all the wide celestial plains;
And its full streams redundant flow
Down to th’ abodes of men below.

Through nature’s works its glories shine;
The cares of providence are thine:
And grace erects our ruined frame,
A fairer temple to thy name.

O give to every human heart
To taste, and feel, how GOOD thou art;
With grateful love, and reverend fear,
To know how blest thy children are.

Let nature burst into a song;
Ye echoing hills, the notes prolong:
Earth, seas, and stars, your anthems raise,
All vocal with your Maker’s praise.

Ye saints with joy the theme pursue,
Its sweetest notes belong to you;
Elected by your heavenly king,
For ever round his throne to sing.

A New Selection of Hymns,