Truly My Soul Doth Wait On God

Truly, my soul doth wait on God,
Salvation comes from him alone.
My rock, my safety, high abode,
He is, I shall not be o’erthrown.
How long, against a man, will ye
Plot mischief? as a bowing wall,
Or a loose fence, you all shall be;
And into sudden ruin fall.

Their great consult is to suppress
My dignity with lying arts;
If e’er their mouth is forced to bless,
Yet cursing rages in their hearts.
My soul wait thou on God alone;
From him my hopes have steadfast proved.
My rock and safety, him I own;
My high tower, I shall not be moved.

In God my safety is secure,.
My future glory and renown,
The rock in whom my strength is sure,
My refuge is in God alone.
Ye people, in his power and grace,
At all times your fixed trust repose;
Pour out your hearts before his face:
God is our refuge from our foes.

The vulgar are but vain, we know,
And great men are deceit and lies;
If both you in the balance throw,
Lighter than vanity they rise.
Trust not in methods of deceit
Or violence; be not so vain;
If by just means your wealth grows great,
Set not your heart on such low gain.

Once spoken hath the God of might,
Twice have I heard this word aloud;
That boundless power by sovereign right,
Doth appertain alone to God.
Not only power but wondrous grace
Also, O Lord, belongs to thee;
Therefore, to all the human race,
Thou renderest, as their works shall be.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,