Truly My Waiting Soul On God

Truly my waiting soul on GOD,
in silent hope relies:
For my salvation wholly does
from Him alone arise.
He only my salvation is,
My rock of strength is He;
My only sure defence and tow’r,
mov’d much I shall not be.

How long against a man will ye
plot mischief? you shall fall;
For as a tott’ring fence ye are,
and like a bowing wall.
To cast him from his dignity,
conspiring they devise;
Bless with their mouth, but curse in heart,
and take delight in lies.

My soul wait thou on GOD alone:
my only hope is He;
My rock, my saviour, my high tow’r,
I shall not moved be.
In GOD alone my glory is,
and my salvation sure:
In GOD the rock of all my strength
my refuge most secure.

Ye people, place your confidence
on him continually:
Pour out your hearts before his face:
God is our refuge high.
Sure mean men’s sons are vanity,
And high men’s sons a lie;
When all are in a balance laid,
they rise like vanity.

Then trust not in oppressive ways,
by rapine grow not vain;
Nor let your hearts, if wealth increase,
be set on earthly gain.
Once spoken hath the mighty GOD,
yea, twice I heard Him loud;
That sov’reign and almighty pow’r
belongs alone to GOD.

Yea boundless mercy appertains
to Thee, O Lord, alone;
And Thou according to his work
rewardest ev’ry one.