Trust And Tremble That Is All

Trust and tremble-that is all!
Trust when all is dark and rough,
Tremble, for a saint may fall,
Jesus sees, and that’s enough.

Kneel and bless the God of love,
Kneel and woo His wondrous will,
Secrets of the Kingdom prove,
Bare thy bosom to the steel.

Swift the Man of sorrows now
Steeps beside thee, stoops to save
Ev’ry thorn upon His brow
Makes thee more and more His slave.

Two glad services are ours,
Both the Master loves to bless,
First we serve with all our powers,
Then with all our feebleness.

Nothing else thee soul uplifts
Save to serve Him night and day,
Serve Him when He gives His gifts,
Serve Him when He takes away.

Children of the cloud, well done!
Sanguine buds break white in flower;
Rainbows follow when the sun
Looks back fondly on the shower.

Hallelujah, Christ is Lord!
Trust and tremble at His grace,
Trust the Mighty Master’s Word,
Tremble-He unveils His face!