Trust In The Lord At All Times

Trust in the Lord at all times;
Pour out thy heart in prayer;
Trust, for He dealeth gently
With those who trust His care.

Trust, if the call to labour
Sounds for thee loud and clear;
Help will be sent when needed-
Only do thou not fear.

Trust; if thy plans are thwarted,
Quietly stand thou still;
Listen for God’s direction,
patiently wait His will.

Trust, if the Master bids thee
Serve Him in trying ways;
Strength shall be surely given-
Equal to all thy days.

Trust, if a cloud of worries
Darken thy path each day;
One at a time they meet thee-
Trust, and they pass away.

Trust, in each hour of darkness;
Light will appear ere long;
Then, oh, the joy of singing
Faith’s hallelujah song!