Trust Not The Path Before Thee

Trust not the path before thee,
O wand’rer, cease to roam!
The vail of night hangs o’er thee,
Oh, thou art far from home.

Turn unto me, turn unto me!
Hark! ’tis the blessed One pleading with thee;
Turn unto me, turn unto me,
Turn thou, my child, unto me.

Was ever love so tender?
Was ever love so free?
Then give thy heart to Jesus,
Who gave his life for thee. [Refrain]

Oh, come, thou heavy-laden,
With all thy guilt oppressed;
Now take his yoke upon thee,
And find in him thy rest. [Refrain]

A step, and he will meet thee;
A word, and he’ll forgive;
Believe, and faith will save thee;
Oh, look! and thou shalt live. [Refrain]