Trust On Trust On Believer

Trust on! trust on, believer!
Tho’ long the conflict be,
Thou yet shall prove victorious;
Thy God shall fight for thee.

Trust on! (trust on!)
Trust on! (trust on!)
Tho’ dark the night and drear;
Trust on! (trust on!)
Trust on! (trust on!)
The morning dawn is near.

Trust on! trust on; thy failings
May bow thee to the dust,
But in thy deepest sorrow,
O give not up thy trust. [Refrain]

Trust on! the danger presses;
Temptation strong is near,
Yet o’er life’s dangerous rapids,
He shall thy passage steer. [Refrain]

O Christ is strong to save us,
He is a faithful friend;
Trust on! trust on! believer,
O trust Him to the end. [Refrain]