Trust Trust The Lord Though In Sadness

Trust, trust the Lord, tho’ in sadness,
Lift up the heart in song;
Praise, praise His name, tell with gladness,
He is our refuge strong.
Safe in the Rock, He will hide us,
Onward will surely guide us;
We’ll flee to Him when sore distress’d,
Clasped in His arms we’ll safely rest.

When on the skies’ sunny splendor,
Dark, gloomy clouds arise,
Then be His love, warm and tender,
Light to our waiting eyes.
He is the Friend never-failing,
He is the pow’r prevailing;
When earthly joys vanish away,
He bringeth us His perfect day.

Sing, all thro’ time’s changeful story,
Glad hymns of faith and love;
Then in the bright, heav’nly glory,
Swell nobler songs above.
From ev’ry foe He will save us,
His precious Word He gave us;
Hidden in Him, peaceful we’ll be,
Till by and by His face we see.