Trusting In The Savior O Tis Wondrous Sw

Trusting in the Saviour, O ’tis wondrous sweet;
Just to fee his presence, worship at his feet.
Thor’ the passing moments, singing joyful praise,
Unto him who ever, crowns with love our days.

Trusting in the Saviour, O ’tis wondrous sweet,
Just to have him with us, worship at his feet,
Trusting in the Saviour, thro’ each passing day,
Just to feel his presence, with us alway,
Yes with us alway.

Trusting in the Saviour, we can never fail;
‘Gainst the pow’rs of darkness, we wil e’er prevail.
For his mighty power, ever is the same,
And he’ll ne’er forsake us, praise O praise his name. [Refrain]

Over hill and valley, swells the glad refrain.
Of his love and mercy, ever more the same.
Precious friend, and Saviour, with our hand in thine,
We can never falter, held by love Divine. [Refrain]