Trusting On Though Clouds May Shadow The

Trusting on, tho’ clouds may shadow the path we tread;
Praying on, till beams of gladness the sky o’erspread;
Singing on, of love eternal that guides our way;
Smiling on, for Jesus brings us the fadeless day.

Praying on, our Father hears,
Trusting on, His light appears,
Singing on, of wond’rous love;
Working on, that all may know Him, our Friend above.

Working on, that sheaves for Jesus be gathered in;
Pressing on, with fresh endeavor, new heights to win;
Singing on, of hopes that brighten, still more and more;
Praying on, to welcome blessings from heaven’s shore. [Refrain]

Smiling on, that other pilgrims may join our ranks;
Singing on, that other harp-strings be tuned to thanks;
Praying on, that Christ may conquer the pow’rs of sin;
Praying on, till all His ransomed the vict’ry win. [Refrain]