Trusting Though The Clouds May Gather He

Trusting tho’ the clouds may gather heavy overhead,
Trusting tho’ we cannot see the way our feet may tread,
In the Saviour’s love abiding, as a faithful friend
We may safely trust him to the end.

Ever trusting Jesus,
Trusting him thro’ storm and sunshine,
Ever trusting Jesus,
Believing on his word divine.

While we rest upon his promise, peace he will bestow;
Sweeter peace while resting thus a soul may never know.
Ever trust the Saviour’s promise tho’ we cannot see-
“As thy days thy strength shall ever be.” [Refrain]

Trusting him thro’ ev’ry sorrow, ev’ry toil and pain;
Trusting him until at last the victor’s crown we gain.
WE will trust the word of Jesus all our journey thro’,
He is ever faithful, ever true. [Refrain]