Trusting Wholly In The Mighty Savior

Trusting wholly in the mighty Saviour,
Fearing neither storm nor foe;
I will praise Him for His gracious favor,
As with Him I want to go.

I can trust Him when the storm is sweeping,
I can trust when happy, sad or lone;
For I know that I am in His keeping-
And that Jesus careth for His own.

Many angry foes may rise around me,
And the way may oft seem long;
But the Son of God who sought and found me,
Still will be my strength and song. [Refrain]

Heavy burdens oft may come to bend me,
Sorrow cause my tears to fall;
But my Saviour will be near to lend me
Grace to triumph over all. [Refrain]

Let me tell on earth the tender story,
That He careth for His own,
Then go home to sing His praise in glory,
‘Round the rainbow circled-throne. [Refrain]