Try To Save One Soul For Jesus

Try to save one soul for Jesus,
Some poor soul by sin defiled;
Bring him to the loving Savior,
He will own him as His child.

He is calling now in tenderness,
Standing ready, waiting to forgive;
He will welcome all who come to Him,
He the sinner will receive.

Try to bring one soul to Jesus,
From the weary paths of sin;
All will have a hearty welcome
Who a batter life begin. [Refrain]

Try to lead one soul to Jesus,
To the fount of life and light;
He can cleanse from all defilement,
Make the sin-stained pure and white. [Refrain]

Try to do some work for Jesus,
Try some precious soul to win;
Some poor wand’rer in the darkness,
Waits for thee to bring him in. [Refrain]