Turn Away From Earths Allurements

Turn away from earth’s allurements
To joys which Christ can give;
Time is flying, souls are dying,
But in Him thou canst live;
In the road which leads to glory
He guides with loving hand,
Skies will lighten, paths will brighten,
Ever heed His command.

Turn away from earth and its vain allurements,
Turn to Christ and thou shalt live,
Come, while His words entreat thee,
Come, while He waits to greet thee,
Come, while He calls thee today,
His voice of love obey.

Turn away from all temptations
And choose the path of right,
He will guide thee, close beside thee,
And the way shall be bright,
Hand in hand with Christ the Saviour,
Thou canst not go astray,
Thoughts of sadness change to gladness
As He leads thee each day. [Refrain]

Turn away from sin and sorrow,
From the shadows dark and grim,
Come believing, life receiving,
As thy feet turn to Him;
Like a star of heav’nly beauty
That guides the seeking soul,
Hope is gleaming, softly beaming,
As it points to the goal. [Refrain]