Turn Backward Through Pathways Of Memory

Turn backward thro’ pathways of memory,
And kneel as a child at your mother’s knee,
She talks to her Saviour, for you her plea,
Answer your mother’s prayers.

Answer your mother’s prayers,
Answer your mother’s prayers;
Come to her Saviour, O come to Him now,
And answer your mother’s prayers.

Recall the caress of her gentle hand,
Her voice as it lulled you to slumber-land;
Her heart will rejoice if for Christ you stand,
Answer your mother’s prayers.

Thro’ long years of toil she was ever true,
She felt ev’ry sorrow that came to you;
And she will be faithful, whate’er you do,
Answer your mother’s prayers. [Refrain]

The call of your country may come today,
Your mother will anxiously watch and pray;
You’ll leave her heart broken if you delay,
Answer your mother’s prayers. [Refrain]

And some day her trials will all be o’er,
Your mother will rest on a brighter shore;
Then you will regret it forevermore,
Mother’s unanswered prayers. [Refrain]