Turn Lord Thy Wrath Away In Me

Turn, Lord, Thy wrath away, in mercy spare us!
Lay down Thy rod and let Thy love upbear us!
Hear us poor sinners, lo, sin hath undone us,
Have mercy on us!

For if Thou shouldst, O Lord, in anger smite us,
And for our sins with righteous meed requite us,
Then we would perish, in our lost condition
Doomed to perdition.

O Lord, we pray Thee, grant to us remission!
Pardon our sins, we mourn them with contrition,
Thou who desirest not the sinner’s dying,
Grace art supplying.

Our frame remember, Thou who life bestowest,
We are but dust, this thou, O Father, knowest,
Subject to death we are from life’s beginning,
For we are sinning.

Look to Thy Son’s most bitter death and passion,
Who on the cross did purchase our salvation,
When from His wounds His blood was freely streaming,
The world redeeming.

Therefore, O Father, through Thy dear Son’s merit,
Spare us and let us grace through Him inherit,
That we in heaven with Thee, of life the giver,
May live forever.