Turn O Sinner Turn And Look

Turn, O sinner, turn and look,
See our Saviour dying;
On the cross He yields His life,
Yields it now for thee.
Justice doomed thy soul to die,
Jesus heard the helpless cry,
Bows His head,
In thy stead,
Dies, He dies for thee.

Oh, shall it be for nought?
His dying love unsought!
Turn today,
Turn today,
Turn, o turn, be free.

Look, O sinner, look again,
See our Saviour rising;
Hast’ning to His Father’s throne,
There to intercede.
Death could bind our Lord in vain,
Love for thee would burst the chain;
Wondrous love!
Boundless love!
Love for thee to plead. [Chorus]

Turn, O sinner, turn and hear,
‘Tis the Spirit calling;
Turn and hear the still, small voice,
Pleading now for thee.
Telling thee of love divine,
Pleading that it may be thine,
Thine today,
Thine alway,
Thine forever be. [Chorus]