Turn Ye To Me Thus Saith The Lord

Turn ye to me, thus saith the Lord,
Ye who have gone astray–
Your cries and mournings shall be heard,
And not be cast away.

Will ye from sin and vice depart,
By fasting and with pray’r;
Rend not your garments, but your heart,
And for my grace prepare.

I will return to you again,
When ye return to me:
Your ear’nest pray’rs are not in vain,
Nor never more shall be.

The Lord is gracious, good and kind,
To those who seek his face!
With a sincere and humble mind,
Shall find his pard’ning grace.

Our horrid crimes, how have they swell’d;
Our Heaven they are grow’n!
God’s threat’nings are at last fulfill’d,
And bring his Judgements down.

Well, we deserve to feel the rod;
Our punishments are due;
But O! we have a gracious God,
Who will forgive them too.

Come let us in his presence meet,
And bow beneath his throne;
Confess with sorrow, and regret
The follies we have done.