Twas A Calm And Peaceful Night

‘Twas a calm and peaceful night
On the sacred hills of old;
From above the stars shone bright,
Flashing down their beams of gold.
Shepherds kept strict vigil there
While their flocks lay calmly by,
When a scene of beauty rare
Fell upon each wondering eye.

Holy angels from the realms above,
Came to earth on wings of love;
Singing glory o’er and o’er again,
“Peace on earth, good will to men.”

‘Mid the glory shining round,
Stood the angel of the Lord;
Bowing, fearful, to the ground,
Thus the shepherds heard his word.
Fear thou not, for now, behold,
Tidings of great joy I bring;
As the prophets have foretold
Unto you is born a King. [Chorus]

Scarcely finished was his word
When a host of angels sang;
Heavenly strains the watchers stirred,
While the hills of Judea rang.
Song of glory hear they then,
Glory to our God on high;
“Peace on earth, good will to men,”
Chanted angels hovering nigh. [Chorus]

When the song was hushed and still,
Back to heaven the angels sped;
Every heart with joy did thrill
At the words the angel said.
Quickly then the shepherds went
O’er the hills and valleys wild,
To the place whence they were sent,
There they found the holy child. [Chorus]