Twas A Night Of Long Ago

‘Twas a night of long ago when all were sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,
When the lonely silent stars a watch were keeping,
Softly o’er the dreaming, dreaming earth;
Floods of light bursting forth in glory
Brightest glory, brightest glory,
Harp and voice told the joyful story,
Of his birth the Prince of Peace.

He has come; hail the lovely stranger,
Lovely stranger, lovely stranger;
Lo, the babe cradled in a manger
Is the King and Prince of Peace.

See the rosy blushing morn again is breaking, breaking, breaking,
And the melody of song again is waking
Music in the hearts of all to day;
Praise the Lord, come with happy voices,
Happy voices, happy voices,
Praise the Lord, how the world rejoices,
At his birth the Prince of Peace. [Refrain]

Hark the merry silver bells are sweetly ringing, ringing, ringing,
And the multitude of angels now are singing
Glory in the highest evermore;
Sing aloud, glory! hallelujah!
Hallelujah! hallelujah!
Sing aloud, glory! hallelujah!
At his birth the Prince of Peace. [Refrain]