Twas An Inspiration Of Divine Creation

‘Twas an inspiration of divine creation,
When the Christian throng decreed,
That this boon of heaven, unto mortals given,
Be from liquor’s bondage freed.
That this land of plenty, be in nineteen twenty,
In the name of Christ our King,
A saloonless nation, its proclamation,
Hear the joyful millions sing.

My country, ’tis to thee,
I pledge my loyalty-
With ballots plenty,
In nineteen twenty,
A saloonless nation we shall be.
Outfling it far and wide,
From ev’ry mountain side,
A saloonless nation,
In nineteen twenty,
This our land shall be.

‘Twas a wise endeavor, and ’twill place forever,
In the halls of fadeless fame,
of the hosts engaging, and the conflict waging,
An enduring deathless name.
It will shine unceasing, with a glow increasing,
While the vaulted heavens ring,
As the people voicing, their glad rejoicing,
In a countless throng shall sing. [Refrain]

With the king unseated, and his hosts defeated,
And Old Glory floating free,
She shall wave in splendor freedom’s staunch defender,
And her colors stainless be.
Such a safe condition in this prohibition;
Shall her faultless folds proclaim,
That a worldwide nation, in exultation,
Shall engage the glad refrain. [Refrain]

So with firm endeavor, that is dauntless ever,
In adhering to the right,
Christian voters leading, liquor’s hosts receding,
Until vanquished in the fight.
Then with ballots plenty, year of nineteen twenty,
We shall bring the Jubilee,
To a people gifted, a land uplifted,
And the song shall ever be. [Refrain]